Here's what people are saying about Stella Mercado

“I am delighted Stella is offering for the Council. She is articulate and well versed in business and government. She is dedicated to the area. We could not have a more qualified or talented person offering for public service.”
John Napier

“Stella is the person I call when I want to know what I’m missing in my analysis of a problem. Her vast knowledge and experience in business, government, education, and community service enables her to see things others don’t. Her backbone allows her to ask the questions others won’t. She is compassionate without being naïve. She is strong without being arrogant. She is principled without being an ideologue. Stella is the community leader I hope my own daughter grows up to be.”
Kristin Bohan

"Stella Mercado's voice is much-needed on County Council. She will thoughtfully ask the hard but right questions.  We know Stella as one who brings values of integrity, family, and honesty. Stella has a heart to serve this community as well as the county as a whole. And she has our full support!
Johnny and Lynne Ford

“As a former Georgetown County Councilman, I believe I know what it takes to be an effective council member. Stella Mercado has those qualities. She’s extremely knowledgeable about county issues, has a great background in business and finance, and is a people person who can build effective coalitions. Stella will be effective for District 6 on day one. She has my support.”
Glen O’Connell

“A proven business leader in our community and our country with a sustainable vision for our county for today and future generations.”
Pam Martin

“Thank you, Stella for your willingness to serve. Rooting for your victory!”
Bob Jewel

“Congratulations Stella! I love your commitment to public service. Georgetown County deserves to have leaders with vision, insight, and selfless dedication to the greater good of the Waccamaw Neck. You exemplify all of the above values which will benefit not only all of our current residents, but future generations!”
Terri DeCenzo

“I have known Stella Mercado as an intelligent, hard-working, enterprising entrepreneur. She would make a great addition to Georgetown County Council.”
Richard Faulk

“So proud to support you, Stella! Our community will benefit from having you on the Georgetown County Council!”
Kylie Vaughn

"Stella Mercado is a successful business woman, community leader and perhaps most importantly a parent who will make the right decisions on County Council to keep Georgetown County a wonderful place to work, live, and raise a family."      Alan Walters

“I confidently endorse Stella Mercado as she is an experienced and dedicated citizen for the County of Georgetown. Stella has a clear vision of where she wants our community to grow and prosper. Her focus is on keeping our community a beautiful, safe, and an overall STELLAR place to live.”
Camilla Parker

"I love the fact that you have always been one to do your best to make things better for OTHERS.  This is just another example of your selflessness.  You will make a great member of the Georgetown County Council."  
Ted Quantz

“Stella's leadership and proven success shines through in all facets of her life.  She is a successful business leader and has a profound commitment to her family and specifically to her children's education through her involvement in their school.  If there was a person that I needed to turn to for sound advice or detailed information on a particular subject, I would turn to Stella.”
Kim Howard

"Stella Mercado is a born leader.  I have had the pleasure of dealing with Stella for the past 25 years.  She is well-versed in leading businesses and people.  As a resident of Georgetown County for over 30 years, I would rest easy knowing Stella is involved in county council decisions and projects.  Our community would be well served with Stella vested in this capacity." 
Greg Lunn

“Stella is an inspiring leader, experienced business owner, and incredible person of integrity, wisdom, and strength.  Her passion for making a difference in the lives of others permeates every arena in which she serves; whether it's family, school, business, church, community, or government.  She is a visionary who always sees the possibilities of making things better while operating from her bedrock of beliefs and values.  Her love of the community in which she lives will bring common sense, sound strategic thinking and unmistakable synergy to serving on the Georgetown County Council.”
Dan Mucci

"I have known Stella and her family for years as a friend and I have had the pleasure of serving with Stella on a non-profit board. She is the person that you rely on to get the job completed. No shortcuts. No easy ways out. The knowledge that she brings from her years as a business leader will guide her way on Georgetown County Council. Stella has a clear vision that will benefit Georgetown County and the residents of the Waccamaw Neck."  
Rob Horvath

"A very gifted and talented natural leader, Stella will make an outstanding addition to Georgetown County Council.  Stella knows when to listen and when to push.  She will expect excellence and personal commitment from both council members and staff.  Stella's combination of vision, talent, and passion for making our community a better place are exactly what we need on Georgetown County Council." 
Ron Welchel

"Stella Mercado has the ability, personality, charm and "determination" to get things done! She will be an outstanding addition to Georgetown County Council!" 
Tom Leis

"It is with great pleasure that we endorse Stella Mercado for Georgetown County Council. Stella is a loyal friend and passionate community member. We got to know Stella through our son, whom she has embraced as a friend of her son Alex. We are so grateful for the friendship her entire family has offered to him as well as to all of us. Stella truly enjoys spending time with the kids and takes the time to get to know them, learn about their ideas and ambitions. It is always a joy to hear the incredible things our son has learned from her during visits with their family. Stella is an organizer and consistently plans fun things for families to enjoy together. For this welcoming friendship we are so thankful as newcomers to the area.

Stella is forward thinking and sees that we must make solid plans for the changing needs of our community. Stella understands that a lack of planning will result in a less productive and aesthetically pleasing community for all of us. Georgetown County deserves a plan for its future and Stella Mercado is the person to make it happen. She is dependable, honest and productive. We are proud to call her a friend and hope to call her our community leader soon."
Lauren and Mac Conner

"We are delighted to learn that Stella Mercado is running for County Council! A neighbor for 10 years, a wife and mother of 2 boys, a successful business person and a strong advocate for schools and enhancement programs for students and families. Stella gives of her time and her resources to better our community. She speaks truth and represents the values that have made our community stronger."
Paul and Maria Reid

"I've worked with Stella for years, she is an outstanding leader. She listens to her people, knows when to interject and most importantly, if something needs to be done, she will make it happen. She brings a wealth of experience in government and has great instincts and intuition. Georgetown would be lucky to have her as County Council."
Jimmy Coggin

"Stella is intelligent, confident, business driven, encouraging and I'm honored to stand behind and support her. She is a leader in the business world and with her family. She has always been involved and wants our community to be better. She is one of the hardest working people I have ever met! I've watched her put plans together and accomplish great things. I'm grateful to call her my friend and proud to support her for Georgetown County Council."
Ashley Schuback

"I have known Stella Mercado for years. She is the epitome of a person that keeps their word and constantly thinks of others first and foremost! A talented hard worker with vast experience in many different fields. Stella's victory will not only be great for Georgetown County but for the entire state of South Carolina! Go Stella!"
Andrew Moore

"Stella Mercado is both a successful businesswoman and also a mother to two amazing boys. We are grateful for her willingness to serve our community as she will bring a business minded and family centered approach that will support our community now and into the future. We are so fortunate to raise our children in Pawleys Island. Stella will work to preserve the beauty of our home and inspire healthy growth now and for years to come."
Scott and Michelle Steffen

"We have known Stella for twenty years. We greatly appreciate her active involvement in matters that directly affect our community. Based on her business experience, she has a vision for the future of Georgetown County. We highly endorse her candidacy for Georgetown County Council."
Mak and Barbara Kelliher

“As a woman owned business owner in Georgetown County, Stella is my go to person when I need business or personal advice.  I always get a non-biased solution driven answer.  I also cannot leave out her smart financial knowledge.  Just a few years ago she and her husband gave their time to facilitate a 9 week Dave Ramsey course at our church.  What a blessing that was for all of us who attended.  That's who Stella is...always willing to lend her time to help others.  I wasn't surprised when she spoke about her idea of becoming a member of county council.  She's always brainstorming on ways to improve and positively impact our area, our schools and general quality of life.  She is a truly remarkable person who I'm grateful to have gotten to know over the last 10 years.  I'm so excited for Georgetown County and support Stella as a Councilwoman!”
Chrissy Harris

"My wife and I have known Stella Mercado for a number of years and have always found her to be focused on ways to make her community and county a better place to live. She possesses a keen business acumen with an eye towards fairness for her customers and employees and for doing the right thing for both. I was personally involved with Stella regarding a project within our community and found her to be detail focused and demonstrate a tireless appetite for getting the project completed. Stella will be a welcome addition to the Georgetown County Council."
Larry & Patty Chiappetta